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The Odfi Innovation Fund

Empowering Young African entrepreneurs is fundamental to our mission.


Our purpose with this initiative is to connect African talents with the opportunity to be empowered, mentored, and given the platform to showcase their ideas to possible investors or venture capitalists who can facilitate their growth process.


We are launching the Odfi Innovation Fund to invest in young African start-ups across Africa.

Empowering African Projects and Startups

Africa has some of the world’s fastest-growing economies and a young, and quickly growing population, WE are committed to accelerating this growth by empowering young African entrepreneurs with the tech, skills, knowledge and financial resources.

Commited to development

ODFI Studios promotes a culture of innovation, freedom, and creativity that will create an impact and boost the standard of living in Africa.

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Every day, our experts help businesses around the globe accelerate digital transformation and build a more resilient, sustainable, and inclusive future.

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